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AE Techron Crown Amplifier Service Center

You can reach our Service department M-F, 8AM-5PM, US Eastern time.

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AE Techron, Inc.
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To send your product in for servicing, please complete our online Service Request form. Or call our Service department to have a Service Request issued via phone.

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Why Choose the AE Techron
Crown Amplifier Service Center?

EXPERIENCE: AE Techron has been repairing Crown amplifiers, old and new, since 1999. From D75s to the latest I-Tech HD and Drive Core series amplifiers, our repair technicians have 70+ years of combined experience repairing Crown amplifiers.

LOCATION: We’re centrally located in the USA and only minutes from the former Crown factory.

COST EFFECTIVE: No surprises! Our bench rates and parts costs are similar to present Crown service rates.

AVAILABILITY: As an amplifier manufacturer, we have over $300K of parts in stock at our 17,000 sq. ft. facility, making it possible for most component level repairs to be completed quickly.

INDEPENDENT: We don’t install sound systems or sell to the audio market, so we’re not your competition.

KNOWLEDGEABLE: Our staff includes design engineers, many of whom were involved in the development of former Crown amplifier models. Should a repair prove especially complex, our service techs have on-site back-up via our in-house engineering team.

Trust us with
your next repair!

AE Techron Crown Amplifier Service Center

About AE Techron:

AE Techron, formerly the industrial division of Crown, designs and manufactures industrial amplifiers and test equipment for the EMC, MRI and power relay test industries.

AE Techron added repair services for non-warranty and legacy Crown products in 1999. Warranty repair services for Crown products will be available starting December 15, 2017.